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Apr 20, 2020

CS helps students outperform in school, college, and workplace

Introducing students to computer science is more than just teaching kids to code. Beyond the skills associated with building a website or developing an app, studying computer science and learning to apply computational thinking practices to problem solving helps students progress in reading, math, and science. While the evidence may be anecdotal and just emerging,… 

Mar 2, 2020

Grant from the U.S. Department of Labor to Support AI Apprenticeships

Igniting the technology workforce pipeline is not a one-solution-fits-all problem. To address the existing and looming workforce shortage and diversity imbalance, there are significant efforts attacking the problem along multiple vectors. One of these approaches is the effort to train enough computer science teachers to meet the needs of NC and ensure every student… 

Feb 14, 2020

Computer Science Educator Workshop Broadens Teacher Exposure to Computer Science

Among the goals of the workshop were to learn what is happening and not happening in classrooms in terms of creating well-trained computer science students, to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to learn CS and that every school has some type of opportunity in computer science. Read More 

Feb 14, 2020

One way to increase diversity in your school’s computer science classes?

A recent examination of the diversity of high school students enrolled in computer science sheds light on teachers as role models. The diversity of these classes is directly correlated to the teachers in the classrooms. There are more girls in classes with female teachers, and there is promising data that teachers from underrepresented minorities may… 

Jan 15, 2020

NC Group to train 3,000 computer science teachers

CS4NC was recently featured in an article in the News & Observer, detailing how we are coming together to fund the education and training of every middle school and high school student in the state through computer science classes to address the growing lack of local talent to fill information and technology jobs. Read the… 

Jan 9, 2020

Grant Enables School System To Expand Innovative Computer Science Program To High Schools

By Kim Underwood Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Thanks to an $80,000 grant from the state, the school system will be able to expand a valuable computer-science program for students. This is the third year that Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools is receiving a grant from the state to support partnerships with local businesses to help schools develop computer…